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Virtual Tour

- 360 Virtual Tour is a combination of 360° images or videos connected. So that the people can view an entire area without physically being present there.

- Virtual Video Tour provides a way to include specific information within the live videos using VFX technique in combination with the Google Earth animated tour.

- Anyone can navigate the 306 Virtual Tour by themselves and visit different points (places). They can decide where or which part they wish to view.

Tourism. Tourist naturally wants to get to know the place before spending any money. Virtual tours make it a reality by providing them with a clear view.

Showrooms/Stores. It enables showrooms (such as a Gym, Salon, Co-working Space, Boutique, Car Showroom, etc) to display their products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A panoramic view of the showroom is far better than a set of high-quality photos because it provides a completely immersive experience. We can display the photos of the products directly inside the tour.

Educational institutions. Schools, colleges, universities, kinder gardens compete among themselves for students so this will help them to showcase their facilities. People prefer giving it a look online beforehand.

Real estate (Commercial Real Estate/ Industrial Real Estate/ Warehouse/ Luxury Real Estate). Potential buyers get to know the place before paying a visit in person. Virtual tours can offer various house plans to the buyers so they can themselves see the pros and cons of any given home plan.

Companies can showcase their portfolio for their clients or employees. They can also provide the tour to let the customers and the employees see the work environment.

Hospitality (Hotels/ Resorts/ Clubs/ Restaurant). Any type of hospitality business can let their clients view the property through their website. The clients can explore the property even before visiting the place physically, hence providing a sense of trust and authentication.

- Reach a broader market, audience, and Beat your competition. Anyone can see your business regardless of their location. The more people see your product, the more popularity it will gain.

- Saves clients/visitors time. Instead of visiting the place physically or imagining it through the photographs, clients/visitors can get a complete view of the place using the virtual tour.

- Tour is available 24x7. Tour increases your value because it’s always available. Customers can preview the tour at any time (day or night) and from different time zones as well.

- You don’t need any particular software. The tours are hosted on the website directly.

- Visual information. We can present all types of information inside the virtual tour. Detailed visual information inside the tour will turn out to be beneficial for the customers.

- It will increase your sale. A customer can see the whole thing and when the tour represents all they looking for, they will immediately contact you.

- You can email the tour to your potential customers/clients.

- Available for multiple devices from Computer Screens to the mobiles.

- Evolving technology so stay ahead of the competition.

- Can help in boosting your social media presence because it looks cool.

- A completely immersive experience for the client. 


The following are our most used services catering to everyone. 
You can opt for a package to include more than one service or can make use of a la carte as per the requirements.
Virtual Tour Proprerty Luxury Hotels Resorts Clubs Gym
Virtual i-Brochure

Provide all of the necessary information related to any property and on top of the Virtual Tour. Let the viewer experience the property and gain complete insight related to it.

Business Virtual Tour Warehouse Real Estate
360 Virtual Tour

Experience the property in 360 degrees that provides more contextual information and a true-to-life representation as compared to linear video clips or a series of still images.

Virtual Video Tour Google Map Street view VFX Visual Effects
Virtual Video Tour

The most efficient way to communicate regional location, distance to ports and airports, and highlights of your property by combining satellite photo map animations with aerial video and visual effects call-outs.

Drone DJI Photography Videography Luxury Hotels Resorts Golf Swim
Drone Photography & Videography

We cover all aerial angles of your property (laws permitting) from the sky using HDR Photography & Videography techniques.

Architecture Realty Architect Design Property
360 Virtual Staging

If your place is empty or is still in development, we can add the desired architectural objects as well as the interiors to create a 360 Virtual Tour using the Virtual Staging technique

Photography Videography Real Estate CRE CBRE LEE
On-Site Photography & Videography

We cover all angles of your property, inside and out using HDR Photography, Videography, and supplemental lighting.

Floor Plan Cad 3d Virtual Tour
Floor Plan to 360 Virtual Tour

If you still haven’t built up your property and have only finished the floor plans, then we can create a complete 360 Virtual Tour experience from scratch by making use of the floor plans only.

*If you require any particular service which is not mentioned here, kindly contact us directly.

Creative Process



Provide us a copy of your property details and marketing budget.
If you have any additional suggestions or requirements, please mention those as well.

Custom Package

We will create a custom-tailored marketing suite to fit your budget and property needs.
Once finalized, our team will work with you to decide on the Tour designs.

Shoot & Delivery

We will mutually decide on a Shooting date and will carry it out on the decided date. 
We will work in conjunction with you, to get everything done as per the requirement.

About Us

Commercial Real Estate Resorts Hotels Hospitality Luxury Warehouse

VirTour is founded by Mr. Pratik Singh enabling different businesses to make their mark on Virtual Platform. VirTour makes use of the latest tech trend of the Virtual Reality platform to stay ahead of the competition.
With a plethora of different kinds of services to offer at VirTour, your business will be able to get all their requirements fulfilled under one roof. Be it Drone Photography/Videography, VR Tour Video, 3D Tours, Custom 360 Tours, VR tours, and On-site photography/Videography, we have everything covered under one roof.
At VirTour, we give our best to achieve the client's expectations and the best possible result with all the innovative ideas. We are here to work with the businesses in a detailed oriented structure to help them transform their business on the Virtual platform which is currently a booming marketplace.
In the emerging market, we are keeping ourselves updated with the latest technology and providing the solutions as required to our end clients. 

Why Us

- Any company wishes to stand out with its particular structure. We definitely understand that and hence we provide all the industry-level customization which we are highly proud of.
- We have been working in the digital industry for more than 10 years. We understand the industry well and have adopted the changes effectively.
- We can provide a high-quality outcome.
- Complete custom elements are available to make you stand out from the competitor’s tour.
- We provide a pan India service.
- We have a keen eye for detail.
- We are continuously investing in the latest equipment and developing new processes to develop a fresh and exciting approach for all of our services.
- We are a Google Street View Trusted Photographer agency.

Google Street View Trusted Photographer Virtour Virtual Tour


Our tours can be made VR enabled so that it can be viewed directly through a VR device.
All of our tours are cross-platform enabled. The tours will have custom-tailored menus as per the device.
360 Virtual Tour of German Stable big resorts hotels clubs
Virtual i-Brochure with Drone 360

Virtual i-Brochure of a Stable based in Germany making use of the Drone 360-degree images on top of the on-site 360-degree images with all the necessary information related to the property.

3d Virtual tour with virtual staging of real estate luxury flats rooms property building
3d Virtual Tour with Virtual Staging

A Virtual Tour of the House which is still in construction. Interiors were added using the Virtual Staging technique to get an idea about the final expected look.

360 of co-working space for commercial buildings commercial property
360 Virtual Tour with Virtual i-Brochure

A complete 360-degree Virtual Tour of a Co-Working space that includes all of the important information about the space. 

Product description in hospital property yacht
Comprehensive Product Description in Virtual Tour

Detailed information of a Hospital Bed which includes written information, image gallery, youtube video, PDF within the 360-degree Virtual Tour.

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